MasterXi was 7 year’s Facebook users since 2008 and very experienced Facebook marketer.
After participate in website building and content writing MasterXi become expert in Search engine optimization SEO.

Master Xi been awarded IEA CSR Award

Master Xi Brief Introduction:
1)President of Malaysia e-Commerce Association
2)Founder of Jiajuxuetang
3)Founder of “The Nine Order Digital Media” and “Cosmetology Insider”
4)6 years experience in conducting Internet Marketing Courses
5)17 years experience in IT Industry
6)13 years experience in Beauty Cosmetology Industry

Cleo Hoo now the CEO of Mstarter Incubator Sdn Bhd

Master Xi Long Introduction(Bio)since 2010

-MasterXi Leaving Beauty Industry and joining Unlimited Power Academy. He and UPA successfully organized 50plus Seminar talk event.

-MasterXi start to conduct his course of Internet Marketing since August 2011.
-MasterXi invited by Red Tomato Media as a Columnist.

-MasterXi appointed by Big Orange Media to build up official Facebook Channel
-MasterXi appointed by Mface as a Content Copywriter
-MasterXi Invited by Branding and Franchising Magazine as Columnist and Journalist
-MasterXi Organizing several Charity Learning Workshop at iHealthy Center

-MasterXi invited by Intense Plus to give a talk at HardRock Hotel Penang
-MasterXi established “Jiajuxuetang” with his wife Dorcas Theo at Kepong Baru
-MasterXi appointed as Vice President of Perdatuan Huangdi Cultural Malaysia
-MasterXi appointed as Facebook Manager of CitiDirect Sdn.Bhd

-MasterXi been invited to giving internet marketing talk at several secondary school such as SMK Sinar Bintang, SMK Connaught, SMK Pandan Jaya.
-MasterXi appointed as COO of Ixcore Sdn.Bhd
-MasterXi invited by Otis Locksmith(JB) to conduct internet marketing course

-MasterXi become Commitee Member of PIBG SMK Jinjang
-MasterXi become Chief Training Officer of Go3U Global Sdn.Bhd
-MasterXi invited by Global Fortune Magazine as Columnist
-MasterXi formed Go3U Jinjang Basketball Team to participate in KLBA Ruby Cup
-MasterXi appointed as President of Malaysia e-Commerce Association
-MasterXi lead MEA successfully organize We-Commerce Seminar & Facebook Marketing Seminar
-MasterXi invited by Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance to give a talk at Roadshow 9th
-MasterXi invited by A2A Network to conduct Facebook Training Workshop

-MasterXi invited by several company to giving in-house training such as Team SML2U, Passion D’tox Anna Team, Jesstior, SSI Properties And.Bhd
-MasterXi lead MEA to Successfully organized We-Chat Payment Seminar
-MasterXi invited by NTV 7 to attend Living Delights Live program
-MasterXi invited by UUM Let’s talk a time Commitee to give a talk at UUM
-MasterXi lead MEA to Successfully organized First Class of e-Commerce at 1st of OCT
-MasterXi invited as Opening Ceremony Guest of Malaysia Micro Business Expo at Lot33 Penang
-MasterXi appointed as Strategic Advisor of
-MasterXi lead MEA and Collaboration with V-Goods Marketing Successfully organized First ever Malaysia e-Commerce Expo MEEXPO, MastetXi also having Opening Ceremony along with Matrade CEO Dato’Dzulkifli Mahmud
-MasterXi as a Opening Ceremony Guest of AsiaMart along with Matrade Officer Encik Abu Bakau
-MasterXi lead MEA successfully organized forum “Transform Traditional Business into e-Commerce” and “Roles of Women in e-Commerce” at MEEXPO
-MasterXi successfully soft launched Nine Order Digital Media at MEEXPO
-MasterXi and MEA Committees successfully organized Business Delegation with IFTA from SuZhou , Jiangsu China.
-MasterXi in collaboration with Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance successfully organized New Year Eve countdown Charity Learning Talk Show

-MasterXi invited to give a talk at Malaysia Aquaculture Association Annual Ceremony
-MasterXi appointed as Strategic Advisor of GoGoAround
-MasterXi established e-Commerce Trainer Courses
-Dinasou Group had become stakes holder of MasterXi Nine Order Digital Media
-MasterXi becoming Stakes holder of Dinasou Group Sdn.Bhd
-MasterXi established his second web media Cosmetology Insider
-MasterXi invited by guest of AICA talks at Malaysia Beauty Professional Expo
-MasterXi and MEA Commitees Response on DFTZ and Jack Ma eWTP at 29th March
-MasterXi invited by One Aesthetics Charity program by Smart Beauty to giving a talk and become Aesthetics Evaluation Assessor
-MasterXi Received IEA CSR Award on 9th April
-MasterXi and MEA Commitees successfully organized business visiting on famous Market Place , 11 Street
-MasterXi and MEA Commitees successfully organized First Swearing Ceremony of Malaysian Web-Marketter on 13 April
-MasterXi invited by MSU Students to giving a talk of “The day after DFTZ” on 18th April

In year 2015 MasterXi been invited to Chair Malaysia eCommerce Association.

MasterXi in the Opening Ceremony of MEEXPO with Matrade CEO Dato’Dzulkifli Mahmud and Encik Abu Bakar